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New babies and animal safety

Many children are bitten by animals, mostly domestic pets. When a new baby arrives into a home setting with a pet accustomed to being without children, the pet may be jealous. The parent cannot assume the pet is safe around […]


Seasonal allergies in children

Many people are surprised to discover that children can have hay fever, or specifically, seasonal allergies. We know that allergies, asthma and eczema are inherited as a group. This type of allergic tendency is referred to as an atopic tendency. […]

Keeping those baby teeth healthy – one question at a time

Healthy baby teeth are very important for growing children. They maintain space for adult teeth. They help your child chew, speak and smile! On the Parenting in Ottawa Facebook page (, we get many questions on how to keep children’s […]

Ages & Stages - Kids


What to do about picky eating?

By Andrée Ryan and Emily Spencer Are mealtimes a battle in your family and you’re concerned that your child isn’t eating enough healthy food to meet their needs? You’re not alone! Parents on the Parenting in Ottawa Facebook page ( […]


5 tips to teach your child money smarts

The most important thing for any parent is their child’s success and happiness. While good values, healthy eating and strong work habits are usually top of mind for most parents, some neglect to share with their kids one of the […]

Five activities for your kids to do over the winter break

When kids are home for the holidays, keeping them entertained while cooking and preparing your house for guests can be a difficult task. Instead of plopping them in front of the television or other types of screens for hours on […]

Ages & Stages - Prenatal


Pregnancy skincare tips

If you’re a mom or mom-to-be, chances are you’ve thought about or experienced stretch marks. As many as 90-per-cent of women may develop stretch marks during pregnancy. These marks occur when the skin stretches too much or too quickly and […]

Nurse Checking Pregnant Woman's Belly And Smiling

Survival guide for first-time parents

Having a baby is a joyous thing. Yet for couples about to bring home a new baby, seeing nervous parents-to-be walking the corridors of the sometimes chaotic labour and delivery unit can be intimidating. To help them through the process, […]


5 ways to ease labour and delivery anxiety

There are so many unknowns in pregnancy. Even if it’s not your first, pregnancies, labours, and recoveries can be different for every baby. Great, right? Add on top of that all the “advice” you get — online, in person, welcome […]

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Oral care tips for toddlers, tweens & teens

To ensure a lifetime of smiles, here are some useful tips to encourage the youth in your family to be enthusiastic about their daily oral hygiene habits. Children ages 3 to 5: Help your young children to brush their teeth […]


Make wintertime a learning time for toddlers

Spring months give parents a valuable opportunity to plan budget-friendly, family-centred learning activities. Robin Stevens, a registered early childhood educator, says the key to creating fun while learning at home is to just enjoy some family time together. “There are […]

Cough and colds in babies and young children

There are several hundred viruses that cause the common cold. The symptoms include runny or stuffy nose, mild cough, and low-grade fever for a few days. Babies and toddlers with colds may be less hungry, but still manage to drink […]

Ages & Stages - Tweens & Teens

The word nutrition against cute little boy ready to eat his sala

Make a 2016 ‘No Year’s Resolution’ with your teen

Just like last year and the year before, North America’s most common 2016 new year’s resolution will be to lose weight. The new year is a time for self-reflection and renewal, but too often for teens in Canada, this can […]

How to keep teens safe on the roads this winter

A big milestone in every teen’s life is when they finally get their driver’s licence. It’s a huge step toward gaining independence, but this can be a nerve-wracking time for parents, especially with Canadian winter weather. “As a father, I know […]


Starting high school

Helping your teenager adjust Starting high school can be a very exciting time for an adolescent. It can also be very confusing and quite scary for some teens. There are many changes from primary (elementary) school. Many teenagers “go backwards” […]

Dad's Corner


An ode to potty training

A child’s first successful bowel movement is surely among life’s most underrated joys, writes Joe Banks. She bolts from the bathroom with all of the grace of a skittering newborn fawn, limbs flailing, mouth agape and impatient, as the words […]


Losing Nemo

The death of his son’s first pet got Chris Hunt thinking about all the other hard truths he will have to reveal, and how to explain the seemingly unexplainable. Epiphanies have a habit of springing on you at the most […]